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Dedicated to providing service when needed &  where needed
Vehicle Butlers

Vehicle Butlers of Charlotte NC began in 2012 birthed as a result of one heartfelt passion meeting another. An obsession with detailing cars and a desire to serve at the highest level possible.

Two partners who had the same heart for high level service, both shared the same enthusiasm for auto detailing, and happened to share the same name Andre.



We clean cars with a conviction.


We offer the highest level of service that the Auto Detailing industry has to offer. We designated trusted butlers to assist you with Auto detailing needs. We are entrusted with the care of your vehicles we give our clients a peace of mind with our credentials alone. 


Our Mission is to give our clients the first-class experience that they deserve.

Sandy Tamworth 

Andre did a great job cleaning out the interior of my car after it had been broken into. It was very convenient not having to drive to a detailer with all the bits of glass. He's very meticulous and doesn't leave a spot undone!


Vehicle Butlers did such a fabulous job. We had 3 cars done last week. They came to our home and was literally there all day! His attention to detail was amazing and our cars look and smell brand new inside and out! Will definitely use him again.

Andrew Carlisle

Love that he can come to wherever you are for detailing, whether at home or work, and has a flexible schedule. It even rained during my initial scheduling and he was able to easily reschedule to complete the job. My car looks amazing. I highly recommend!

Priscilla Uptun
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